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Kings of Leon - Black Thumbnail

From runways to the road, I ramble alone
This thumbnail sized of a heart is black as coal
Your beauty, it still brings me to my knees
Don’t waste a tear on me, it’s my disease

"It’s very tiring having other people tell you how much they dig you if you yourself don’t dig you."

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Jack White - Power Of My Love (Elvis Presley cover)

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Jack White - Lazaretto.

From the upcoming album “World Fastest-Released Record

I hate her face but enjoy the company.

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Bobby, 1965
"A great man once said, everything is about sex. Except sex. Sex is about power."

Francis Underwood (via thewhipquotes)


me & my grades

Two American soldiers proudly show off their personalized “Easter Eggs”, northeast France, during Easter of 1945.

Always bring this around again ready for Easter.
Nothing ever changes, no matter how long you do your hair
Looks the same to everyone else…

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