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cute tits!!

Jamie Lynn Spears with her sister Britney and Justin Timberlake


Well every time you come on over I just wanna listen, 
I know you got some issues and I know that you just miss him, 
I gotta fever just to see her feelin’ like a stalker, 
And didn’t know I’m really good at making you feel awkward.

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"I’ve done a keg stand. At a big party, you get a metallic keg of beer. You take the tube and you put it in your mouth, then your friends hold your legs in the air while you’re holding the keg. To be quite honest, I’m not entirely sure why. All the blood goes to your head, and your mouth fills with beer. It’s quite a fratty thing to do, but I just wanted you to know I’m capable of it."

Ezra Koenig proving that he is a man [x] (via whorchacha)

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